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What is Microdermabrasion?

At our Glen Carbon, Illinois, med spa, we use microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter, and more youthful skin. This non-invasive exfoliating treatment can also improve oily or dull skin, mild acne scars, mild complexion problems, minimize fine lines, reduce enlarged pores, and unclog pores. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

How Does it Work?

A diamond tip Microdermabrasion device will gently move across skin to exfoliate the top layer of skin, while vacuuming the dead skin cells in a controlled manor. By removing this outer layer of dead skin cells, it will expose a smoother texture and promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells. Microdermabrasion also stimulates the collagen beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance.

Pictured: Microderm filter before and after ONE treatment

Treatment Areas

Microdermabrasion can be performed on the face, neck, décolletage, and back.

What To Expect

The microdermabrasion appointment at our office near Maryville will last approximately 60 minutes, beginning with a consultation to ensure Microdermabrasion is the right service for your desired results. The procedure may have a mild scratchy sensation and vibration, but is painless. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after treatment. You can expect to experience softer, smoother, and cleaner skin after the first treatment and your improvements will continue with additional treatments.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ryan Diederich

Dr. Diederich is a Southern Illinois native realizing his dream of giving back to the community. He helps patients feel and look their best with his surgical skills and compassionate care.

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Medical Microdermabrasion

What makes this Microdermabrasion special is that we include a PCA Sensi peel. The Sensi peel is formulated to include our patients with highly sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote an even skin tone. This multi-faceted and skin-brightening treatment is an excellent option for sensitive skin and higher Fitzpatrick skin types. Plus, there is no downtime and little to no peeling! We pair this treatment with a series of masks for healthier, more radiant youthful skin.
Learn more about microdermabrasion and if it can benefit you by scheduling a consultation online, or by calling our office at 618-307-6233 to schedule an appointment.