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Your referral is the greatest compliment we can get. At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery we work hard to earn your trust as a patient. See our patient’s testimonials and read about their experiences at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery.

…I Couldn’t Have Asked For a Better Doctor

“The entire process of my breast augmentation went extremely smooth! I was informed what was going on and so much information making my recovery so far awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor, nurse and assistants to get me through beginning to end. Along with Dr. Diederich’s office, the Anderson hospital were so great as well!”

…I felt right at ease with everyone

“The office area is very welcoming and inviting. The staff was beyond kind with smiles and their organization and preparation was spot on. I was unsure how I would feel considering the personal nature of the visit, but I felt right at ease with everyone, including the doctor. They altogether made me feel like there is nothing wrong with making improvements and they really listened to my wants and needs while informing me on what to expect if I decided to move forward with a procedure. I would recommend this office and it’s staff to anyone that wants to learn more about their options and possibly move forward with taking the first step of a consult.”

…Could Not Be Happier With Results

“I had Dr. Diederich perform a breast augmentation. I could not be more happy with the procedure or with the results. Both the office staff and Dr. Diederich were very helpful and informative as I made my decision to have the surgery done. After the procedure, I could not be happier with the results. I get compliments all the time, and I feel great. Thank you, Dr. Diederich & staff!” – A.F.

…I Felt Comfortable

“Unbelievably professional and nice staff. I felt comfortable from the moment I stepped in.”

…I Will Recommend You To Anyone

“I got your name and number from (–name removed–) and scheduled my appointment.  As you know I was very nervous about what I was going to have done but you and your staff talked to me and got me to relax.  I was thankful that someone cancelled their appointment so I could have the procedure done right away.  You guys walked me through everything and took great care of me and honestly while the procedure was being done I remained relaxed.  The next step was coming back to have the stitches removed. Once again I was nervous but quickly became relaxed due to you and your staff. I did not fell anything as they were removed.  At that time I was informed that you did not get all the cancer and I would have to come back.  Because of the way I was treated the first time I felt that again you would take good care of me so I did schedule the appointment.  When I showed up for my appointment I felt fairly relaxed about everything and as with the first time you guys made me feel really comfortable during the preparation and while the procedure was being done. I am very glad that I was at the break table when (–name removed–) was talking about her procedure and that I called you and you took care of me. I will recommend you to anyone and tell them how well I was treated before, during and after the procedure. Thanks for the way I was treated by everyone and the way you made me feel comfortable.” – M.M.

…Extremely Friendly Staff

“Extremely friendly staff. Atmosphere makes patient relax. Explanation of procedure (was) thorough…GREAT COFFEE!” – B.H.

…What an Incredible Provider

“Everything at MidAmerica was fantastic. From the office environment to the kindness of all the staff to what an incredible provider Dr. Diedrich is, everything is absolutely top-notch.”

…I Finally Took The Plunge

“I always wanted to get a breast augmentation but was terrified to do it. I finally took the plunge after attending a seminar by Dr Diederich. He had mentioned that majority of his patients only have have to take something for the discomfort the first day. He was right, I was amazed at how well everything went, how little discomfort I had and how great they look!” – K.M.

…Explained Every Step

“(My best experience was) How every member of your staff worked together as a team and explained every step. Very professional in every way.” – E.J.

…Not Just Another Patient

“Every aspect from my consultation to my post-op appointments have been exceptional. Everyone was/is very caring and compassionate. You can tell everyone cares and wants you to be there, you are not just another patient.” – M.P.

…Made Sure to Answer Any Questions

“I had a great experience with Mid America Plastic Surgery & Dr. Diederich. I am very pleased with my results & would highly recommend MidAmerica. The staff is very caring and made sure to answer any questions/concerns prior to my surgery.”

…Quick, Friendly & Competent

“The care I received was quick, friendly, and competent..” – B.C.

…Job Well Done!

“Everyone was very professional and I like the fact that I didn’t feel rushed during my visits. Job well done!” – C.W.

…Dr. Diederich Had His Work Cut Out

“The sincere hospitality of everyone in the office. The quality of care as well. Very pleased with my surgeon’s work!!! He had his work cut out for him with me!” – C.W.

…Very Professional

“(I appreciated) How every member of your staff worked together as a team and explained every step. Very professional in every way. Keep on doing what you are doing” – E.J.

…Very Professional

“Friendly people and honest information about patients condition and recovery. Doctor (Ryan Diederich) spent time with us and seem(ed) to care. ” – C.W.

…Took Away My Fears

“(The best part of my experience was) the way everyone took away my fears and made me comfortable through my whole visit. Not one thing comes to mind (for improvement).” – K.R.

…No Complaints

“Entire office staff was very friendly. The office was comfortable with refreshments in the waiting room. Dr. Diederich and (his) assistants did a great job in treating me. No complaints.” – D.H.

…All Was Awesome!

“I love Laura (McKinzie, FNP-BC) for making me feel at such ease…All was awesome!” – K.R.

…Promptness Of Being Seen

“(I appreciated MidAmerica Plastic Surgery’s) promptness of being seen, pleasant nurses and staff as well as the ease of communication with the doctor (Dr. Ryan Diederich). I have only been to see doctor (Diederich) one time and don’t have have any least favorite aspects (of my visit).” – M.

…The Details Were Fabulous!

“The details provided by the NP & Dr. Diederich were fabulous! I had my list typed up with all of my questions…how did the cyst form, will it come back, the procedure, recovery, etc…and by the time they finished, I think there was only 1 question I had that they hadn’t covered and it was more related to an office manager matter (insurance coverage). Continue being as friendly & informative as you were with me!” – L.C.

…Wish All Other Doctor Visits Were This Well Coordinated

“The lobby was comfortable with coffee available if we wanted. The surgery room was also comfortable. The staff was outstanding, very professional, and very accommodating. We didn’t have to wait except for the test results. The follow up visits were on time and we got in and out in no time at all. Everyone was friendly and made us very comfortable. (I) wish all doctor visits were this well coordinated and handled. Thank you. Great job all the way around.” – R.S.

…I Felt Supported and Understood

“I could not be more impressed with my experience at MidAmerica. The staff were so patient with me and I never felt pressured to make a decision. They are completely down to earth and really listen to what you’re saying. I felt supported and understood through the whole process. I knew exactly what to expect each step of the way. I’m only a few days post procedure and can already tell I’m going to be thrilled with final results. If you or someone on the fence about whether or not to get the procedure you’ve been eyeing it is 100% worth a consultation and chatting with Dr. Diederich and his staff.”

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