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3 Decisions Breast Augmentation Patients Make

Choosing to get breast implants for cosmetic reasons is a highly personal and exciting decision- a decision that is made by about 300,000 women each year in the U.S. This choice leads to several other decisions for breast augmentation patients at our Glen Carbon, Illinois, practice. Most patients expect to just choose the size of their breast implants, but women will need to make other equally important decisions about their breast augmentation when they come in for their initial consultation. 

Implant size. During your initial breast augmentation consultation, you will try on a variety of breast implants to determine which size is right for you. First, your patient care coordinator will ask you a few questions about your goals and overall lifestyle. Next, you will begin to physically try on the wide variety of breast implants we have available in the office. We recommend starting with the smallest size and working your way up until you feel the most comfortable. 

Once you have a better idea of what breast implant size you would like, it’s time to see a preview! Our Vectra 3D imaging system creates high-resolution and three-dimensional images that offer our patients a more realistic representation of what they can expect to see after their breast augmentation. Keep in mind, that these images are only estimates and real results may vary.

Implant type. There are two main types of breast implants: silicone and saline. The silicone gel in silicone implants has the tendency to better hold its shape, which tends to create a more natural look and feel. Due to the cohesiveness of the silicone gel, a rupture might not be noticeable right away. Ultrasound imaging is key to detecting these types of ruptures. When you receive a breast augmentation with Dr. Diederich, ultrasound imaging every two years is included in your initial surgery cost. 

Saline implants are made up of a sterile, saltwater solution that will be naturally, and safely, absorbed by the body if a rupture occurs. Because they are made up of a water-based solution, saline implants are easier to recognize once they have ruptured, but may look or feel differently than natural breasts. Both types of implants will have their own pros and cons. Talk to your provider about which implant type is right for you. 

Implant cohesivity. For patients who opt for silicone implants, the cohesivity of your breast implants is another major decision you will need to make. Cohesivity refers to the thickness and consistency of the silicone gel in the implant; many patients use the term “gummy” to describe this. The “gummier” the implant, the more it will hold its shape. At MidAmerica, you can choose between two different cohesivity levels from the Natrelle INSPIRA collection. Natrelle INSPIRA® SoftTouch implants are our most requested breast implants, followed by Natrelle INSPIRA® Cohesive. Be sure to ask if you can feel the difference during your consultation.

Choosing the right breast implant is more than just deciding what cup size you would like to be. Your breast implant size, type, and shape all contribute to your end result. At MidAmerica, our team will take the time to ensure that you are happy with your breast implant choice before moving forward with your cosmetic procedure. We understand that the decision to get breast implants, especially breast implants you love, should not be taken lightly. If you are interested in setting up a consultation with Dr. Diederich, you can call us at 618-288-7855 or you may fill out this form.

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