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Contour and Biostimulate with Radiesse

Are you looking for a quick result to look younger? Look no further than Radiesse injectables! 

Radiesse is an injectable to give you immediate results by restoring volume, similar to filler, while also providing long-term improvement by stimulating the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, similar to Sculptra. Why just get fillers when Radiesse can contour and biostimulate! 

Our skin naturally changes over time due to loss of collagen and elastin, also known as aging, which weakens the strength and elasticity of the skin. This results in wrinkles and sagging, which is where our providers come in! So, what is Radiesse? Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite injectable, where immediately upon injecting, will help smooth lines and wrinkles. The biostimulating nature of the injectable will integrate in your tissue, creating a scaffold to stimulate collagen and elastin, which will result in less wrinkles and lines over time. At 8-12 weeks, you will be able to notice improvements from the collagen production such as: subtle volume, laxity, and overall quality of the skin.  

Before and after one treatment of Radiesse provided by Ciara Bickline RN-BSN.

At The Spa, we are excited to offer Radiesse injections to treat signs of aging in the neck. Loss of collagen and elastin will produce lines, wrinkles and sagging in the neck, which can make you look older than you feel. Furthermore, in a world so dependent on technology where everyone is looking down at their phones, this has worsened what injectors have labeled as “tech neck.” After years of forcing your neck at a downward angle, you will develop deep lines that will only worsen as you age. “Tech neck” can be seen throughout all age groups, and our providers have noticed that even millennials benefit from Radiesse treatment. 

Your 45–60-minute appointment will include a consultation, numbing, and injections.  Previous patients have said that when receiving Radiesse, you will just feel pressure but minimal pain due to the lidocaine numbing injections. After injections, there is a chance of minimal bruising that will go away naturally. Your provider will tell you that you must massage the area to encourage integration of the product to the tissue and prevent any nodules from forming.  

Results typically last up to two years, but patients are welcome back yearly for maintenance treatments. After two years, you will be able to receive your full treatment again.  

At The Spa at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, located in Glen Carbon, IL, we offer complimentary consultations where you can potentially receive same day treatments as well. You can schedule a consultation with any of our providers to see if you are a good candidate for Radiesse by calling or texting the office or filling out our contact form.  

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