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Correct & Prevent: Neuromodulators

As we age, we develop fine lines and wrinkles that can make us look older than we actually feel. It’s natural for our face to constantly be showing expression, but aging comes with the loss of collagen production. Collagen plays a key role in the structure of our skin, meaning our skin won’t have the same resiliency and suppleness that comes with youth. With repeated movement from our natural expression, lines will develop because our skin doesn’t have the same capability of bouncing back. Neuromodulators, such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, relax muscle movement without compromising your natural appearance. Inhibiting muscle movement will prevent excess expression that causes fine lines and wrinkles, while also blurring the appearance of any existing lines. The key to maintaining a natural look with freedom of expression is to determine an accurate dosing, which will vary from patient to patient.  

Neuromodulators are injected per unit, rather than filler which is injected per syringe. This means that the treatment is more patient specific and tailored to treat their level of movement and appearance. Our providers always consult with the patient prior to injecting, where you will raise and furrow your eyebrows, as well as smile to show the degree of movement you exhibit. From there, they can make an assessment for your starting dosage. It is important to note that your neuromodulator of choice is basically a medicine, which can take up to two weeks to kick in. At this point, if you still notice you’re having movement, you are welcome to schedule a follow up with your provider to assess your results and potentially tweak your dosing.    

So, what are neuromodulators? Without getting too technical, their active ingredient is derived from the botulinum toxin, which blocks chemoreceptors on the muscles, preventing contraction. No muscle contraction means no dynamic wrinkles. The difference between Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin relate to the protein molecules; our favorite analogy is that it’s similar to a “Coke v. Pepsi” situation! Neuromodulators (Dysport, Botox, Xeomin) can treat, as well as prevent these premature signs of aging. During your appointment, you can expect the treatment to be quick and fairly painless. Our providers do not even have to numb for this treatment!  

Once you decide to take that jump into neuromodulators, your regular visits will be a quick fifteen minute appointment. Some patients even come see us during their lunch break! Our providers recommend scheduling your appointments every 3-4 months, however, some patients notice their results can last even longer than that. Starting your neuromodulator journey can seem overwhelming, but our providers at The Spa at MidAmerica are here to ease any worries you may have. You may even look forward to your appointments, just like we look forward to seeing you! If you have been considering Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced providers by calling or texting the office. You can also fill out one of our contact forms here, where our patient care coordinator will reach out to you!  

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