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Everything You Need to Know AboutTattoo Removal

In the United States, over 45 million people has at least one tattoo and that number continues to grow every day. When we think about tattoos we think about those days when we were young and naïve, when our mothers threatened us with “tattoos are forever”.

Some people put a lot of thought before getting a tattoo and still to continue to love their tattoo while other people may fall out of love with a tattoo they got many years ago. With more people making the decision to remove a tattoo permanently, it ultimately led to new technology advances to do so; technology like the Spectra Laser.

The Lutronic Spectra Laser is specifically designed for tattoo removal as well as resurfacing the skin to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, and active acne. But what ultimately allowed for the Spectra Laser to become such a necessity in many medical practices is that it is currently the most efficient and advanced way to safely remove unwanted tattoos using laser energy.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

To ensure that you are a good candidate for Spectra Laser tattoo removal a brief consultation will be conducted prior to starting your treatment. At the Spa at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, we offer three different anesthetics for Spectra Laser procedures; a topical agent anesthetic, an injection and our newest form of pain management, Pro-Nox.

Pro-Nox is a gas system that is designed to deliver fifty percent oxygen and fifty percent nitrous oxide to patients during procedures for immediate relief of pain and anxiety. Once the numbing agent or anesthetic is applied and working, treatment will continue.

Laser passes are relatively quick but can vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo. The laser is working to break up the tattoo, which will eventually allow your body to flush the ink away.

After your treatment, it is typical that the area will blister or be sensitive. We will supply an at-home care kit to ensure recovery is simple.

Commonly Asked Questions About Tattoo Removal

Why do I need multiple treatments? The number of treatments required depends on the size, location, depth and color of the tattoo. Tattoo ink consists of pigment particles that are stacked upon one another giving it that very dark and concentrated appearance, which is why the pigment cannot be simply broken down in one session.

The Spectra Laser is designed to break up these pigment particles little by little. As your body heals, fading of the tattoo will be more noticeable after each session. Tattoo removal treatments should be performed four to eight weeks apart to give the body time to heal and to allow the body to also remove the tattoo ink fragments that were targeted at the previous session.

How long do treatments take? Each session usually last ten to thirty minutes but this all depends on the size of the tattoo. However, if you use an anesthetic this could extend the length of session time to allow the anesthetic to work properly.

How does the body dispose of the ink? Once the Spectra Laser breaks down the layer of ink, the body responds by signaling fluid to the targeted area to remove away the ink. This is why redness and some swelling are often seen after each session.

The removal of the ink within the body takes days and sometimes even weeks which is another reason why numerous sessions must be conducted.

Is there any downtime involved? The area treated will be slightly sore for 1-2 weeks after your treatment. However, it will not hinder your day to day life.

With the colder months upon us now is the perfect time to book your consultation for tattoo removal with the Spectra Laser! We will be announcing a contest on our social media to win three treatments of tattoo removal during the month of October. If you are someone who has had second thoughts about a tattoo you currently have, then this is perfect opportunity for you!

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