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Full vs. Mini Tummy Tuck: What’s The Difference?

Many patients who schedule consultations to discuss tummy tuck surgery at our practice near Edwardsville, IL, naturally want to know if they are good candidates for a mini tummy tuck. When it comes to surgery, a mini tummy tuck certainly sounds more appealing. Something that is mini, however, also tends to produce less dramatic results. The suitable type of tummy tuck varies from patient to patient. When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Ryan Diederich, he will be able to assess your needs based on your body type. Read on to learn about the differences between a full and mini tummy tuck.

Full Tummy Tuck 

A full tummy tuck, medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes all excess skin and stretch marks below the belly button. This procedure also tightens the abdominal muscles to create a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. Dr. Diederich will also remove as much tissue as possible during the procedure to ensure optimal results. In many cases, a horizontal incision is made when performing a tummy tuck. Scarring is inevitable, but many patients find that they can easily hide their scars while wearing underwear or a bikini. When undergoing a Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty, a vertical incision is made in addition to a horizontal one. The position of the belly button can change, but very rarely is the belly button lost.

Dr. Diederich’s abdominoplasty technique differs from many others due to his use of the progressive tension technique. By using progressive tension, Dr. Diederich uses sutures to close any open space in the abdomen that may collect fluid. Dr. Diederich has refined this technique over the years, resulting in tighter, flatter tummies and a significant decrease in the rate of hematoma, seroma, and other complications.

A full tummy tuck procedure takes place in an operating room. Patients have the option to stay overnight, or they may go home that same day. The procedure time for a full tummy tuck ranges from one to four hours. Full recovery will take approximately 6 weeks. Patients should plan for one week off work, two weeks if they work at a physically demanding job. Patients should also avoid lifting over twenty pounds during this time and not submerge in water for 2-3 weeks. After the six-week mark, most patients can resume 95% of their regular day-to-day activity.

Mini Tummy Tuck

While a full tummy tuck addresses both skin laxity and muscle repair, a mini tummy tuck will only address skin laxity below the belly button. A mini tummy tuck will not repair separated abdominal muscles. A common misconception of a mini tummy tuck is that it is solely meant to remove what many refer to as their “stomach pooch.” While a mini tummy tuck may be able to address some visceral fat, the focus of this procedure is to address skin laxity. Liposuction may be a recommended procedure for those who wish to only address stubborn fat.

Unlike a full tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck can be completed in-office, under local anesthesia. At MidAmerica, we also offer our patients the option to add Pro-Nox to their procedure, if they wish to do so. The procedure will last about two hours and patients may drive home afterwards. Due to this procedure being less invasive, recovery is significantly quicker and there are no lifting restrictions.

How Do I Know Which Is Right for Me? 

Every patient is unique and has different needs. By scheduling a one-on-one consultation, whether virtually or at our Glen Carbon, IL practice, patients have the option to chat one-on-one with Dr. Diederich about their goals and receive a personalized assessment. Our patient care coordinators are also there throughout the consultation process to explain the surgical journey in full detail. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 618-288-7855 or fill out a consultation request form. Also, be sure to checkout our online photo gallery to see real patient results by Dr. Diederich!

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