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How to Achieve Natural Results From a Breast Augmentation

We often hear women express concern that everyone will know when they’ve had a breast augmentation. They don’t want the change to be too obvious when they go back to work or the next time they’re hanging with their girlfriends. This procedure is very commonly talked about in other areas of the country, but the Midwest is usually a bit more shy about this type of thing.

Breast augmentations were the number one cosmetic procedure in 2018, according to the 2018 ASPS Plastic Surgery Statistics. Over 300,000 procedures were completed in 2018 alone! This means that breast augmentations are a lot more common than you might realize, even if you don’t notice it. Chances are, you know someone that has had a breast augmentation.


Dr. Diederich specializes in providing natural results. We spend extra time up front deciding on the best size of implant to match the patient’s goals to ensure that we are on the same page. The patient is able to try on all of the different implant sizes we have right here in our office to get an idea of your ideal results. To see what the implant try-on process looks like, visit our Instagram highlights. In addition to trying on implants, we also have a 3D imaging machine, VECTRA, which can provide a fairly good idea of what your results will look like.


One of our most popular implants is actually one that can adjust to the natural shape of the breast. This provides a more natural contour at the top of the breast and avoids the fullness at the top of the breast that can make a breast augmentation more obvious. Dr. Diederich also prefers to place the implant beneath the muscle, which will provide a more natural look as well.

Our first priority is to make sure that we understand what the patient is looking to achieve. Once we have that in mind, we can create a plan that best fits the goal together. If you don’t want  people to know that you had a breast augmentation, you don’t have to tell them. We’ll help you keep the secret. If you do want people to know, great! The beautiful thing is that the choice is totally up to you.

To learn more about this procedure, fill out a consultation form or call us at 618-288-7855, option 4. We are happy to walk through any questions you may have and set up a consultation with our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ryan Diederich in Glen Carbon, IL just 15 minutes from St. Louis, MO.


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