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How We’re Helping Patients Reach Their Goals

Are you considering cosmetic surgery, but having a hard time achieving a healthy BMI? If you have read our blog, Why Your BMI Matters you already know why having a BMI under 30 is recommended before a surgical procedure. A BMI over 30 can increase your risk of complications, affect results, and even alter your doctor’s surgical plan.

If a patient is not at or near their ideal weight, we recommend waiting to schedule a consultation to avoid having to change your surgical plan. At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ryan Diederich and his cosmetic surgery team realize that sometimes achieving a healthy weight can be hard for some individuals. We want to help our patients reach their goals and be there for them as much as we can. MidAmerica Plastic Surgery has recently partnered with two local nutritionists in the Southern Illinois and St. Louis, MO areas to better help our patients on their journey to a healthy BMI.

Our first featured nutritionist is a local Edwardsville, IL establishment neighboring our Glen Carbon office. Eat Practical offers an extensive line of nutrition services to suit a variety of individuals. Their team understands that nutrition can be complex, which is why they strive to understand everyone’s body type to better create a personalized plan. When we asked Eat Practical owner and dietician, Sarah, to sum up their mission in one statement, she said,

“At Eat Practical, we seek to bring healing and health through the power of sustainable food choices & lifestyle modifications. We take an integrative and whole-body approach to finding a healthy body weight and path to wellness. As integrative dietitians, we have the capacity to explore the gut microbiome, genetics, labs, medical history, medications, supplements, and lifestyle to create strategic and individualized plans for each patient that allow for success.”

Our second nutritionist is located in O’Fallon, MO. New Leaf Nutrition also offers a variety of services to help individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s nutritional counseling, menu planning, or food sensitivity testing, New Leaf Nutrition is here to give our patients simple, yet effective, solutions when it comes to a healthy diet. New Leaf founder and dietician, Jen, filled us in on what inspired her when starting the business,

New Leaf Nutrition® was created to give you simple solutions. No more constantly being hungry. No more weight loss to just gain it all back. No more chasing the next fad diet. With us you get easy-to-understand, straightforward help. We’ll identify goals that are mentally and physically healthy for you and create a path to get you there. And that is what makes us different from most other dietitians—when you work with us you get full access—we are here for YOU! Not sure which spaghetti sauce to buy? Send us a picture and we’ll tell ya. Need a grocery list? We’ll make it together. We are so happy to be right there with you, working through those daily challenges as a team. You are so much more than a number on a scale and you better believe we’ll remind you of it.

MidAmerica Plastic Surgery is excited to be able to offer our patients options that not only help them on their surgical journeys, but on their journey to an overall healthier lifestyle. Having the opportunity to give our patients options, rather than just telling them they would not be able to have surgery, was one of the main reasons for our nutritionist search. If you are curious to learn more about a cosmetic surgery procedure with Dr. Diederich or want to learn more about how our nutritionist partners can help you achieve a healthy BMI for surgery, fill out this form or call our office at 618-288-7855.

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