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MidAmerica Patient Treatment Diary: Avéli

At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, we are lucky to have such amazing patients that continue to share their journey with us! This month, we are focusing on the popular phrase, “new year, new you.” We are thrilled to say that we have been able to help several individuals accomplish the “new you” they were dreaming of! In this blog, you will get a special look inside our patient’s treatment diary throughout their Avéli treatment. Each question was developed and sent to our patients with the goal of educating others who might be interested. 

According to the Avéli website, “Avéli™ is the first and only cellulite procedure that identifies and releases culprit septa on the buttocks and thighs in a single visit with real-time confirmation.”

Can you briefly summarize your goals and describe any factors that led to this decision for treatment?  I wanted an option to reduce the appearance of some of my cellulite- primarily some deeper ones that were located on my buttocks. Compared to creams or lasers which logically didn’t make sense in terms of the guarantees they make, this seemed like the only option that could actually treat my concern.

Can you briefly describe your experience at your consultation? Unfortunately, Dr. Diederich did not perform my consultation.* With that being said, I had questions and concerns post procedure that he readily answered.

Tell me about your healing process after your procedure. Immediately following the procedure, the most notable concern I had was leaking. By the evening, I was quite sore in the buttocks and back of my thighs. Going to the restroom was the most difficult- the pressure a toilet seat places on those areas was incredibly uncomfortable. However, with that being said, taking only ibuprofen was more than sufficient to deal with the pain!  Because of the compression garments and such, I didn’t really pay attention to bruising until the next day – it was a situation of it looked much worse than it felt. Day two, I still appeared to be leaking, but later discovered it was because my lipofoam was soaked and had never dried. Due to this, at the end of the day I did my best to dry out the lipofoam before I used it with the compression garments again. Once I did this, I didn’t have any soaking through clothes or garments and any leaking could be managed with some gauze pads.  I continued to have soreness – I can’t recall for how long – but by day four I wasn’t taking ibuprofen. Sitting in certain types of seating – such as a toilet – continued to be uncomfortable because of pressure points. By one week, the bruising had *drastically* improved. I’m literally shocked at how much it had gone down based on how bruised I was the week before.

Picture of the Avéli tool provided by Avéli marketing.

What are you most excited about moving forward? Having a smoother appearance overall. This procedure removed my large butt dimple! It’s not something everyone sees, but just the fact that I can see it’s gone has been a great confidence boost.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with other patients during the process? Purchase legitimate compression garments! Trying to use workout pants or biker shorts will just make it more difficult to work with the lipofoam and to take off and on. While the practice will most likely give you some pads to use in your car on your way home, I’d recommend having some incontinence pads available for the first couple of days for car, home, and work if you decided to go back right away.  The first couple of times when you are either changing gauze pads or going to the restroom, just make sure you don’t have something on the floor that you don’t want to stain as there could be some leaking; I always kept some paper towels nearby so I could have easy cleanup.

Would you recommend MidAmerica Plastic Surgery or The Spa at MidAmerica? Of course – they truly won’t do anything that is unsafe, or you aren’t a good candidate for. Any staff members or providers are always incredible with the million little questions you might have – before, during, and after the procedure!

Click here to learn more information on Avéli or click here to book your consultation. 

*Dr. Diederich does not do the consultations for Aveli. One of our nurse practitioners at The Spa at MidAmerica will do your consultation. If you have any further questions, our nurses will reach out to Dr. Diederich to answer any additional questions you may have.

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