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MidAmerica Patient Treatment Diary: Tummy Tuck + Lipo

At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, we are lucky to have such amazing patients that continue to share their journey with us! This month, we are focusing on the popular phrase, “new year, new you.” We are thrilled to say that we have been able to help several individuals accomplish the “new you” they were dreaming of! In this blog, you will get a special look inside one of our employee’s tummy tuck journey! Each question was developed and sent with the goal of educating others who might be interested.

Can you briefly summarize your goals and describe any factors that led to the decision for this procedure? My main goal was to thin out my love handles and remove the excess skin in front of my abdomen. I didn’t like the way pants and dresses fit.

Can you briefly describe your experience at your consultation? Since I have worked here for 10 years and have been part of the consultation process and seeing patients for follow up after surgery, I got to see the results and the way Dr. Diederich treated his patients. That is what ultimately helped me make my decision in having him complete my tummy tuck.

Tell me about your healing process after your procedure. The first week was pretty difficult. Every week was easier as far as pain goes. However, some days I felt good, so I pushed myself to do more which caused the following day to be difficult. By week three, I was back at work and feeling pretty good. I think the hardest thing about recovery is remembering that time is your friend. There is a lot of swelling and things can look distorted until that goes away. The most dramatic changes happened during the first six weeks. I am about nine months out and I am still noticing small improvements!

This is the patient’s 8-month result post-op of a Tummy Tuck + Lipo.

What are you most excited about moving forward? The way clothes fit and being able to order online without trying things on!

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with other patients during the process? First and foremost, trust the process. Swelling will come and go especially once you start increasing activity levels. Prepare food in advance, make your recovery space as comfortable as possible, have good help on hand and don’t feel guilty for not doing all the things right away. Ask all the questions you can, you can never be too prepared. You will question your decision the first week, but it will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself!

Click here to learn more information on a Tummy Tuck or click here to book your consultation with Dr. Diederich. 

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