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Protect & Correct Your Skin With Antioxidants

Brighten, lighten, and tighten the skin by utilizing an antioxidant, or vitamin C serum. Antioxidants are powerful products that help to protect the skin from UV exposure as well as free radical damage. Free radicals are essentially unstable molecules looking to steal an electron from a different molecule, which will in turn make them stable. When free radicals steal an electron from a collagen or elastin molecule, it then makes that molecule unstable. This results in wrinkles, lack-luster skin, loss of plumpness, as well as elasticity in the skin. Using a vitamin C serum adds a shield of protection to your skin, protecting it from signs of premature aging. Along with its protectant nature, vitamin C can also correct fine lines, pigmentation, and overall skin tone, especially when combined with other antioxidants like phloretin, ferulic acid, and salicylic acid. Therefore, utilizing a vitamin C serum can provide protection that is curated to your skin goals.

The Spa at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery is proud to offer our patients SkinCeuticals antioxidants, including CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF, Silymarin CF, and Resveratrol BE. Each of the these products are formulated slightly different to accommodate different skin types. CE Ferulic, the gold standard for vitamin C serums, is geared more towards dry skin types prone to premature fine lines and wrinkles. Phloretin CF is going to be an ideal antioxidant for clients with pigmentation and discoloration, as phloretin will help brighten the skin. Many acne-prone patients are hesitant to use a vitamin C serum, for fear of breaking out. We have our oily patients covered with Silymarin CF, an antioxidant that contains salicylic acid, which can help control acne, while preventing oxidative cell damage!

Antioxidants should be applied in the morning to provide protection from free radicals you experience during your daily routine. If you’re looking to incorporate an antioxidant into your nighttime routine, Resveratrol BE by SkinCeuticals is a great option. Resveratrol fights premature aging, protects, and improves the overall appearance of the skin. It offers the same protection and correction as daytime antioxidants, but extends its job into the night when your body is doing its repairing and healing.  

At The Spa, we offer an opportunity to purchase your medical grade antioxidants and skincare locally. Skincare can be purchased at the front desk with one of our medical spa coordinators, or we offer complimentary consultations where one of our providers can help curate a customized skincare regimen for you. Contact the office via phone call or text, or fill out one of our contact forms here, and a member of our team will reach out to you!

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