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What Men Should Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

As plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity, more and more individuals are becoming increasingly transparent about undergoing cosmetic procedures, including men. According to statistics reported by The Aesthetic Society, over 28,000 men underwent gynecomastia surgery in 2021. 

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a common medical condition in which a man’s breasts become enlarged or over-developed. This is characterized by an excessive amount of glandular tissue, excess fat, and/or skin in the breast area. Many factors lead to gynecomastia: significant weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, use of prescription drugs, steroid use, or simply just genetics.  

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery, also known as a male breast reduction, involves removing the excess tissue from the breast by excision, liposuction, or a combination of the two procedures. The liposuction method is used to treat excess fatty tissue and is best used in milder cases of gynecomastia. The excision method is best utilized when there is an excessive amount of glandular tissue present. 

Gynecomastia Recovery 

Most men notice a significant improvement in their breasts immediately after surgery. Keep in mind that the full effect of these changes will become more apparent in the upcoming months as your body begins to heal. You may need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks following surgery. Most patients are able to return to work in one week, but for those who have more physically demanding jobs, we recommend waiting a bit longer. 

Gynecomastia Risks

As we previously stated, thousands of men undergo successful male breast reduction surgery every year. However, it is important to understand all possible risks and complications when it comes to gynecomastia surgery. These include: 

  • Blood clots 
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry 
  • Skin discoloration such as bruising and/or swelling 
  • Changes in sensation 

Additional risks are possible. Visit our gynecomastia homepage for the full list of risks. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our cosmetic surgery team by calling us at 618-288-7855 or by filling out this form

Gynecomastia Consultation 

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ryan Diederich has extensive training in all aspects of plastic surgery, including gynecomastia procedures. If you are a male who struggles with body confidence due to abnormally large breasts, gynecomastia surgery may be the solution.

Gynecomastia surgery is highly customizable to every patient. When you schedule your gynecomastia consultation at our Glen Carbon, IL practice, conveniently located outside of St. Louis, MO, you will meet with a Patient Care Coordinator, and Dr. Diederich, to discuss your goals and choose the best option for you. 


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