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Why You Should Be Using a Lip Treatment

If you already have a daily skincare regimen, you know the importance of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; the list goes on and on. A serum to help correct dark spots, an eye cream to diminish crow’s feet, but what about the most visible area of your face? The area that can reveal your age much more than other parts of your face. We’re talking about your lips.

Many people believe that continuously applying chapstick or lip balm to their lips will add the hydration needed to keep them looking young and healthy. However, what many individuals don’t realize is that the heavy ingredients found in many lip balms may be causing their lips to become dry, flaky, and chapped. What?!

The skin on our lips is thinner than on our bodies, making it more prone to be affected by factors like weather, toxins, and other environmental triggers. Lip skin has a different makeup of oil, fat, and cholesterol than the skin on our body. The surface oils that protect the body on our skin are almost non-existent on our lips, making them more prone to the effects of the environment. Although lip balm or chapstick may temporarily ward off these triggers, they are only protecting the surface layer of your lips. Like other skin on your body, lips must also experience cell turnover to rid their surface of dead skin cells. When you apply multiple layers of lip balm to your lips each day, it can lead to a buildup of bacteria, wax, and yeast. This build-up can slow down your lips’ cell turnover process, leading to a dry, cracked appearance.

When cells are able to turnover, the hydration and appearance of lips significantly improve. Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal is a lip treatment that promotes cell turnover by combining anti-inflammatory and barrier repair technologies. A popular product here at The Spa, this lip treatment helps to not only increase cell turnover but also adds hydration to the lips and improves the appearance of fine lines. It does not contain heavy waxes, artificial fragrances, or any preservatives that can lead to more damage over time. Safe for all skin types.

Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal | $21

How to Use:

  • Incorporate into any skincare routine both morning and night
  • Can also be reapplied during the day for added moisture
  • Use under lipstick as a primer to extend color longevity

All throughout July, The Spa at MidAmerica is offering our patients $5 off Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal. Stop by our Glen Carbon, IL office just outside of St. Louis, MO to purchase yours today.

Not in town? No problem. We offer flat-rate shipping for our out-of-town patients. Click here to view the full list of skincare products available at The Spa.

Call or text The Spa at 618-307-6233 or contact us online to purchase today!

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