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What Is Labiaplasty?

Dr. Ryan Diederich performs labiaplasty in Glen Carbon, Illinois, to reduce the size and change the shape of a woman’s labia minora. Some women choose to add fat grafting to the labia majora for a more youthful appearance. Labiaplasty is the choice of women from Maryville, Edwardsville, and the St. Louis area for a variety of reasons, including relieving physical pain and discomfort because of size, correction of asymmetry, irregularities, congenital abnormalities, or length reduction of the labia.


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Who May Benefit Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is performed to:

  • Remove excess tissue from labia
  • Reduce genital pain due to enlarged labia
  • Smooth and tighten tissue
  • Improve contour and shape of labia

Labiaplasty at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery May Be Right for You if:

  • You have excess labia fullness, length, disfigurement, or abnormality
  • You are physically healthy and don’t have a medical condition that impairs healing
  • Your weight is stable
  • You do not smoke

Treatment Options

Labiaplasty can be performed in the office with local anesthesia. This procedure can also be completed in the operating room under general anesthesia. Either option is safe and effective, the choice is yours.

Before Labiaplasty Surgery

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation, as needed
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications, as recommended
  • Stop smoking well in advance of your surgery
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding (if OK with your primary care physician. If you cannot stop please let us know)

The Day of Labiaplasty Surgery

This can be completed as an outpatient or with hospital stay depending on your particular needs. Nothing to eat or drink the day of surgery. You will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours.

A Reputation Built on Results

Ciara and Madi are amazing!
Dr Dietrich and his Team were amazing to work with. I love my results and my care has been outstanding....
Dr Dietrich and his Team were amazing to work with. I love my results and my care has been outstanding....
Title: Exceptional Nurse Injector Experience Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I recently had the pleasure of visiting...

After Labiaplasty Surgery

Recovery is different for each patient. You should avoid lifting heavy objects and strenuous activity for at least three weeks after the procedure. You should also avoid using tampons and sexual activity for 6 weeks after the procedure. No submerging in water for 4-6 weeks.

Complications From Labiaplasty Surgery

As with any procedure there are risks. Fortunately, with labiaplasty, these risks are minimal. These include but are not limited to:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scars
  • Numbness
  • Asymmetry of labia
  • Pain
  • Hematoma
  • Seroma
  • Puckering of the skin
  • Sexual dysfunction

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ryan Diederich

Dr. Diederich is a Southern Illinois native realizing his dream of giving back to the community. He helps patients feel and look their best with his surgical skills and compassionate care.

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Now What?

Dr. Ryan Diederich is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in a range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures at MidAmerica Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in Glen Carbon, IL. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon east of St. Louis, you can schedule a consultation online, or call us at (618) 288-7855 to schedule an appointment. A $200 consultation fee will be collected to reserve your appointment.

*This article is intended as a guideline only. This is not intended as medical advice. There are no guarantees written or implied from the information presented here. Only a consultation can provide an appropriate evaluation and discussion regarding any procedure. Refer to your physician for medical decision making and advice.