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The Spa Skincare

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  • Calming Cleanser – This soothing solution will remove environmental pollutants & excess oil while providing hydration to nourish the skin.
  • Daily Acne Cleanser – Ensures minimal irritation and accelerates the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with proper oil drainage of the skin. Pharmaceutical active acne medication ingredients remove surface oils, unplugs and refines pores.
  • Gentle Exfoliating Scrub – This mild, brightening, creamy polish will help to regulate oil, purify & minimize pores. Bio-friendly exfoliating beads will enhance skin tone, texture & reveal a fresh complexion.
  • RosaClean Creamy Cleanser – A gentle cleanser great for normal or sensitive skin. This non-irritating cleanser contains Evodia Rutaecarpa – an anti-inflammatory ingredient. 100% fragrance, paraben, and propylene glycol free.
  • SensiFoam Cleanser – A gentle, yet elegant foaming cleanser for sensitive skin types. A non-irritating, sugar-based cleanser that removes stubborn dirt, oil, and makeup.


  • Hydraboost Gel – This hydrating gel is formulated at the highest level of HA that can be put into a solution without making it sticky. Ingredients such as oligopeptide make it a great option for those with acne-prone skin. Layer under regular moisturizer in the winter for added hydration. Good for all skin types. 
  • Lipid Replenishing Cream – An everyday moisturizer with a combination of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol help to repair and replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier without leaving skin feeling greasy. Reduces dry, flaky skin post-procedure (think microneedling and chemical peels). Can be used day or night.
  • Nexturizing Balm – The first neck cream formulated with a retinol to treat the delicate area of the neck. Fortified with skin enhancing peptides to help reduce the appearance of redness and signs of aging on the neck.
  • RosaRecovery Complex – Containing 5% Niacinamide vitamin B5 form, this therapeutic moisturizer won’t leave skin red or flushed. Barrier lipids such as ceramides, cholesterols, and fatty acids helps to repair skin’s natural barrier, while also killing acne-causing bacteria.


  • Brightening Pads – This convenient pad application system is activated with a freshly prepared solution to ensure maximum efficacy and ease of use. The key ingredients of this unique system are delivered to the treatment area by way of a special trans-dermal penetration system. 
  • Glow Peel Pads – Between in office treatments, this at home peel has a six acid delivery system to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and scarring. Contains ingredients to stimulate collagen, and increase ceramide, and free fatty acid level in skin. 
  • RosaPeel Pads – An exfoliator for sensitive and pigmented skin types that can be incorporated into any skincare regimen. These powerful pads help promote cell turnover to keep skin smooth and glowing. A great compliment for those with rosacea, unwanted redness, or anyone receiving laser treatments. 
  • Triple Action Kojic Pads – If you have used The Spa’s Glow Peel Pads in the past, it’s time to kick it up a notch! This RX strength product serves as a powerful tool for those looking to treat melasma and hyperpigmentation. 60-day supply.


  • Restorative Retinol 50 – .05% Retinoic Acid
  • Restorative Retinol 100 – .1% Retinoic Acid
  • Total Refine TX – The Spa’s all-in-one option for those wanting a skincare product that truly does it all. Smooth skin texture, enhance radiance, minimize pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for normal/oily skin types. 


  • Daily Tinted Sunshield – Great for all skin types including sensitive and acneic, this SPF contains powerful antioxidants with brightening properties to help skin appear more radiant and evenly toned. Provides a sheer tint of color that blends with all skin tones. 
  • Sheer Fluid Sunshield – This spray on SPF provides superior broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while delivering high levels of evenly distributed zinc oxide to calm the skin, neutralize and quench UV induced free radicals. 
  • Sheer Physical Sunshield – This cream SPF provides superior broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while delivering high levels of evenly distributed zinc oxide to calm the skin, neutralize and quench UV induced free radicals.

Eye Products

  • Retinol Eye Cream – Increase firmness and elasticity with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients which helps skin appear more radiant and evenly toned.
  • Tinted Eye Corrector – Broad spectrum SPF 50 + mineral eye treatment offers multi-benefit protection & correction against the visible signs of aging. Improve the look of dark circles, puffiness, sagging skin and fine lines around the delicate eye area immediately & over time. May be applied as a concealer or concealing primer. 

Lip products

  • Plump and Protect Lip Treatment – This multi-functional, pigment free lip treatment protects lips while helping to restore hydration and youthful volume. A proprietary complex of stimulating ingredients enhances natural color. Immediately, lips appear more plump and defined, with lasting benefits to lip hydration and overall health. 


  • Calming Antioxidant Toner – Soothe. Calm, and rejuvenate skin with this refreshing mist fortified with a rich blend of antioxidants to brighten dull, tired skin and refine your complexion. Micronutrients help enhance skin tone and remove impurities while powerful humectants provide gentle hydration. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive.