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Choosing Breast Implants You’ll Love

The decision to get breast augmentation surgery is exciting, but it also involves some choices that can be a bit stressful. Other than your selection of a plastic surgeon, choosing breast implant style and size are some of the most important choices you’ll make. At our Southern Illinois practice, Dr. Diederich and our Patient Care Coordinators help patients make this decision after listening to their aesthetic goals.

Implant Type

The first question is saline vs silicone. Both are great options but have different pros and cons, specifically how the implants look and feel and what happens if the implant ruptures. Silicone implants tend to look and feel more natural; however, a rupture might not be noticeable right away and can lead to increased concern. Saline implants are easier to recognize if they’ve ruptured but may look or feel different from natural breast tissue. To help ease concern associated with silicone implant rupture, we do offer the use of our ultrasound device during annual follow up appointments. 

If the patient chooses silicone implants, they must then decide between three different types of silicone. These are different thickness levels which can create a different appearance on the upper portion of the breast.

Implant Size

The last factor to consider is size preference. During a breast augmentation consultation, the patient will try on breast implants that we keep in the office. This is the most accurate way to judge what size they would prefer. We typically start with the smallest size available and work our way up until the patient finds the size that they feel most comfortable with. 

Once the overall size is chosen, we will then complete a 3D image with that size. This will provide a better expectation for what the patient might actually look like after the procedure, but remember, it’s not 100% accurate. Differences in patient anatomy can lead to different results.

There are a few things to keep in mind during the sizing process. 

  • Physically trying on the implants may not provide the correct look when it comes to fullness and shape so really focus on the overall size difference. 
  • The 3D imaging device can be tricky for choosing a size which is why we start with trying on implants. The 3D image is to get a better idea of where the implants will sit on the chest. 
  • Lastly, the size chosen during this process may not necessarily be the exact same cc number used during the surgery. There are a few other factors that Dr. Diederich must consider including the patient’s anatomy. Sometimes this can vary by 20-30 ccs but please trust us in this process. Dr. Diederich and our Patient Care Coordinators have significant experience in this department.

The same breast implant type and size can look very different on different people. There are many factors to consider, including height, weight, natural breast tissue, where the breasts sit on the chest, etc. Visit our before and after photo gallery which lists height, weight, and implant size to see how these differences can affect the results. While it can be helpful to ask family and friends about their experience with breast augmentation, we suggest for patients to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing a size.

Choosing the breast implant style and size is very important to make sure the patient is happy with her results. At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, we take the time up front during a consultation to determine the best option for each patient. To find out which breast implants are right for you, schedule your personalized consultation by calling 618-288-7855 or filling out this form!


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