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Category Archives: Breast Augmentation

Beautiful woman asleep in bed after breast augmentation surgery (model)

Tips for Sleeping Soundly After Breast Augmentation

Getting plenty of rest after any surgery is important to help your body recuperate and get back to full strength. That may include afternoon naps, but it also means getting a restful night's sleep without interruption. Trying to avoid sleeping on the sides and stomach can be challenging in the days and weeks after getting …

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Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift? Both May Be the Answer

There may be a million questions that go through your mind when you make the decision to receive a breast enhancing cosmetic procedure. That’s why Dr. Diederich, along with the team at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, strives to ensure that the stress a patient may feel when choosing the right procedure is always kept to the …

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Choosing Breast Implants You’ll Love

The decision to get breast augmentation surgery is exciting, but it also involves some choices that can be a bit stressful. Other than your selection of a plastic surgeon, choosing breast implant style and size are some of the most important choices you'll make. At our Southern Illinois practice, Dr. Diederich and our Patient Care Coordinators …

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How to Provide Support during Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery

It’s important to have a good support system during recovery from cosmetic surgery. Whether the person having surgery is a spouse, significant other, or friend, you are who they will turn to! So how can you help them? Attend as many appointments with them as you can. The consultation will go over all the information …

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Young daughter hugging mother while kissing her on the cheek

Mommy Makeover: The Gift of Confidence

Many moms juggle work and raising a family with trying to take care of themselves with regular exercise and healthy eating. Even with these efforts, they often can't regain confidence in their bodies. Considering a Mommy Makeover, though, may spark a twinge of guilt about putting their needs ahead of their families. The truth is …

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Ultrasound Device to Monitor Breast Implants

One of the most common concerns with silicone breast implants is the risk of silent rupture. Because these implants tend to hold their shape even in the event of a leak, it can be hard to know if the implants are compromised. To help ease concern of both patients and Dr. Diederich, MidAmerica Plastic Surgery …

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Is It Time for a Breast Augmentation Revision?

Many breast augmentation patients will need to consider revision at some point in their life even if they are thrilled with the initial outcome. Sometimes, this is simply because the patient desires a different aesthetic appearance such as changing implant size or adding a lift as things continue to settle. Other times, there is an …

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FAQs: Breast Augmentation

How do we choose size?  During your 90 minute consultation, we will try on implants and place your image on the VECTRA 3D imaging machine. These two methods combined allow us to work together in finding a size that will get you to your goals while keeping safety in mind. Are implants safe? Breast implants …

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Breast Augmentation Virtual Seminar at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery

MidAmerica Plastic Surgery hosted our first virtual seminar about Breast Augmentation from our office in Glen Carbon, IL.  We like to host seminars a couple times a year to provide a way for members of the community to learn about cosmetic procedures before committing to a personalized consultation. This is a great opportunity for someone …

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Which Breast Surgery is Right for You?

Dr. Diederich specializes in body and breast procedures. For the breast, he can perform three different breast procedures based on an individual's goals: breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation for his St. Louis and southern Illinois patients. Breast Reduction This procedure reduces the size of the breasts by removing excess breast tissue. This is …

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