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Dr. Diederich: My Experience at “Plastic Surgery ‘The Meeting'”

As “Plastic Surgery ‘The meeting’” comes to a close, I reflect on my time here.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons hosts an annual meeting for board-certified and board eligible plastic surgeons as well as their residents, fellows, and support staff.  The program is a wonderful opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in plastic surgery.  With an attendance of approximately 5,600 plastic surgery professionals from throughout the world, this is truly a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and techniques.

I participated in many activities starting with a cadaver lab to further explore and refine techniques. The lab was attended by the experts and we were able to share our knowledge and techniques in order to further refine skills with a focus on facial rejuvenation.  There are many lectures on various topics throughout the gamut of plastic surgery where we share our plastic surgery knowledge and experience.  The vendor hall (pictured above) is an important part of the meeting to explore the latest technology and allows me to assure cutting edge technology for my patients.

The final day I had the opportunity to participate in “Disney, Behind The Magic” (pictured below).  This unique opportunity allowed me to see the inner workings of Disney that is not typically open to the public.  Everything from the management of day-to-day operations such as laundry, staffing, and even the utilidoors that snake under Walt Disney World park in Orlando.  Disney’s commitment is the basis for our mission statement “to exceed patient expectations.”


My favorite part of the meeting is networking.  It’s continues to amaze me how brilliant my colleagues are. From a long lunch with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to amazing colleagues from a cornfield.  Everyone provides unique perspective and information not found in publications, lectures, or anywhere else in the world.  Through this networking I had the opportunity to collaborate on several new techniques and technology.  We will now move forward after the meeting in an effort to develop these and in an effort to further the field of plastic surgery.

At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, it is our mission to exceed patient outcomes.  This is accomplished through education, exceptional care, innovation, technology, and a true desire to exceed the standard.  It is our expectation the be the leader in the field and to prove to you why we deserve your confidence and the honor to be chosen for your needs.  At MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, we do not just talk about our mission to exceed patient expectations, we live it!



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