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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

In today’s busy world, few of us have extra downtime for procedures such as breast augmentation. Here at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery in Glen Carbon, Illinois,  Dr. Ryan Diederich has been performing a rapid recovery breast augmentation for years. This is why we are seeing more patients traveling from Southern Illinois and Missouri and throughout the Midwest to undergo rapid recovery breast augmentation here in the St. Louis area.

Rapid recovery breast augmentation allows women to look and feel better as quickly and comfortably as possible, thanks to 3 key components of success.

Surgical Technique

Excellent technique helps speed the recovery process starting at the very first consultation. By spending the extra time upfront doing quality preoperative planning and dimensional analysis, we are able to select implants that fit your body correctly. (Find out more about implant options in our previous blog post).

We use numbing medication at the beginning of the procedure to allow for proactive pain control. During the surgery, we utilize electrocautery and methodical development of the space to minimize bleeding and create a hand-in-glove fit. We believe stopping pain before it starts and limiting inflammatory mediators from blood have a dramatic influence on the recovery process.

Active Recovery Participation

Postoperative care and active patient participation are extremely important. There are many methods to accomplish this goal. We typically use shoulder rolls and gentle stretches starting as early as in the recovery room.

If you think about a charlie horse or a muscle spasm, these are often treated with muscle stretching.  Some of the post-procedure discomfort patients experience after breast augmentation is related to a spasm (charlie horse) of the pectoralis major that is located near the implants. By doing these stretches, our patients notice a dramatic improvement with less discomfort after breast augmentation.

Strategic Discomfort Management

We do provide pain medications after the procedure; however, starting on postoperative day 1, we typically recommend ibuprofen as tolerated for 5 days. Most of our patients only take 1 to 2 pain pills following the procedure.

Although results do vary, by following these protocols, the majority of our patients state they would be able to go to dinner the night of the procedure, or even to the kids’ soccer game. Many of our patients do not even require pain medication. Thanks to these careful, proactive techniques, rapid recovery breast augmentation leads to fewer complications and less discomfort, making it a helpful option for women who want to feel their best without sacrificing time.

To view real patient examples of the results this approach creates, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

Come see why patients from throughout Illinois and Missouri continue to choose Dr. Diederich and MidAmerica Plastic Surgery as their choice for rapid recovery breast augmentation near St. Louis. Please contact us online or call (618) 288-7855, option 4 to request a consultation.

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