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SPF & Skin Cancer Awareness

At The Spa at MidAmerica, you may have heard our providers tell you to remember your sunscreen or preach about daily SPF use on our social media platforms. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a time to educate individuals on the importance of using SPF daily. Sunscreen is a simple, yet effective, way to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful, skin cancer-causing rays. Not only does sunscreen offer protection for your skin, but it’s also key to maintaining a youthful appearance and getting the most out of your med-spa treatments.  

 Why Use Sunscreen Everyday?

Sunscreen acts as a shield for your skin against UV radiation emitted from the sun. Prolonged exposure can cause a slew of issues, including sunburns, premature aging, and an increased risk for skin cancer. When shopping, you want to make sure you’re looking for a sunscreen that provides broadband protection- meaning it will offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The two have different characteristics, but both are forms of ultraviolet radiation.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin barrier, causing signs of aging and some forms of cancer. These rays are present year-round and can penetrate through glass windows. UVB rays mostly affect the outer layers of the skin, contributing to sunburns, tanning, and vitamin D synthesis. They also play a significant role in the development of skin cancers, including melanoma. Comprehensive protection from both UVA and UVB radiation is vital, so make sure to purchase sunscreen with broadband coverage. At The Spa at MidAmerica Plastic Surgery, located in Glen Carbon, Illinois, all our sunscreens provide broadband protection and can be purchased online or in the office. 

Lower Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

Skipping sunscreen can have serious consequences, aside from burning and premature aging. It can also affect the eyes and weaken the immune system if exposed for prolonged periods. Skin cancer, including melanoma, is another cause for concern. With skin cancer being the most common cancer, it is important to know that it’s also the most preventable! Staying diligent with sunscreen is key, but also remember to get your skin checked by a professional at least once a year.   

Wearing daily SPF will help preserve your youthful appearance and lower your risk for skin cancer. Sunscreen, as well as scheduling a yearly skin check, can save your life. During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, The Spa is prioritizing education for patients, ensuring they understand that being proactive is the key to preventing skin cancer. 

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